Analog recording studio in eastern France.

Striving to provide the best recording experience, in rooms with unique vibe, filled with some of the best gear there is.

16 track, 8 track and 2 track Studer A80 tape machines
Amek BCIII 24/8/2 console with 16 Neve 9098 Inputs
Antelope Audio Orion 32 I/O converters
Classic outboard gear including Roland Space Echo, Fairchild 670 Limiter, EMI/Chandler TG Limiter, Neve 1073 Preamplifiers and many more
State of the art microphones including Neumann U67, STC/Coles 4038, AKG D12 and many more
Classic instruments and amplifiers including Fender Basses, Ludwig Drums, Ampeg B15N Bass amplifier, Moog Minimoog Synthesizer, Marshall 18w Plexi guitar amplifier and many more